As of October 5, 2018, Brett Kavanaugh becoming the newest member of the Supreme Court has made him a catalyst of division among many groups of people in America. After being nominated by President Donald Trump he has been accused of sexually assaulting three women during both his high school and college years.


Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, and Julie Swetnick are the names of the victims that came forward to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. These allegations date back to the 1980s, but due to the recent nomination these women felt it was necessary to speak out with such heavy memories to prevent his election and to speak his truth. Ford, being the first of the three women to come forward, first described the incident with Kavanaugh in her originally anonymous letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein which read, “With Kavanaugh’s hand over my mouth I feared he may inadvertently kill me.”


This brings up the question: Is he truly the right fit for such a powerful and essential role for the country? As the new member of the Supreme Court he will now be able to vote consistently on the conservative side about prevalent and serious issues such as: immigration, abortion, health care, and gun laws.


Having this power takes great responsibility as well as professionalism. During Kavanaugh’s hearing on September 27, 2018, these two attributes were completely taken off the table. From his hostile denials to his crying and indirect comments, his reactions gave the whole world a taste of how he would respond under pressure. Some might argue that this is because he wanted to clear his name and save his career, but when it was time for an interrogation he did not take the opportunity to do so. If anything, Kavanaugh worsened the situation by replying to questions with his own. For example, when asked if there was ever a time when he drank so much that he couldn’t remember what happened or part of what happened the night before, he responded, “You’re asking about blackout. I don’t know, have you?” with a smile across his face.


Being a Supreme Court Justice is a lifelong position. It is undeniably essential that we give positions like these to those that are fit. Kavanaugh is not one of those people. He is representing part of our country and making decisions that will affect our day-to-day lives. To grant it to someone who has been thought to have committed multiple misdemeanors and acted so out of character to what a leader is supposed to be like is a mistake that will have many consequences in the near future.