Halloween Spirit

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October 10, 2018

Writer: Sarai Diaz and Joseph Lopez


Although nearly 600 million pounds of candy is purchased by Americans each Halloween, and the average “trick-or-treater” will consume approximately 7,000 calories of candy on that very day (drgianino.com), a “sweet tooth” is not the only factor that makes up October 31st. Costumes are a major contribution to Halloween, and do not necessarily need to be scary. Many OHS teachers and students agree.


Robert Henchy (OHS Science Teacher)

Childhood Memories: “As a child I was a mummy, I made it out of pieces of ripped sheets.”

Recent Years: “ I have been the scarecrow two years ago and last year I was Bill Nye.”

Reason for dressing up:  “I get to show kids that just because you become an adult, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun, like doing kid things”


Paul O. (Sophomore at OHS)

Recent Years: “For Halloween of 2017 I dressed up as a Gingerbread Man”

Reasoning: “To bring joy to people’s day”


Percy Datcher (OHS Econ/Gov Teacher Who Ages Like Fine Wine)

Childhood memories: “I like when they dress up as the Sesame characters, you know, Cookie Monster.”


Preston Lanning (OHS Chemistry Teacher)

Costume Hints: “I might come in as Jack Nicholson with a t-shirt, shorts and a bathrobe.”

What to look forward to: “ I heard a rumor that every teacher in the Portables 1 through 9 will have some kind of theme.”

Background Information: “Ms.Coakland (his wife and fellow educator) usually comes up with my costume ideas.”


Vito Lopez (Oxnard resident)

Recent Years: “My favorite costume when I was a kid was probably SuperMan because my mom made it, but I’ve been Popeye, a ghost, and a zombie.”

Childhood Memories: “The only memories that come to mind are when my friends and I would scare the kids who came to ring our doorbell”

Reasoning: “If I didn’t dress up, my kids would think I was lame.”