Legendary or Reality?

Header: Legendary or Reality?

Subheader: Legend of El Chupacabra

October 10, 2018

Writer: Sarai Diaz


We all know what a goat is. We’ve all heard what a vampire does. Have you ever seen them combined? One could say yes, a goat-sucker. Which is also known as a “El Chupacabra.” According to Animal Planet’s “Lost Tapes” this creature began to appear in Latin areas such as Puerto Rico to even Oregon since the 1950s. Oxnard High School Spanish teacher Mr.Garcia said, “El Chupacabra and it’s story is often changing depending where you are from.” Whatever the case may be, there has been sightings from people who have all given similar details regarding the Chupacabra’s appearance. A women named Tolentino, reported her sighting on a mysterious creature which was suspiciously very descriptive. Under 3 minutes of seeing this creature she mentioned “It was about four feet tall, dark eyes, thin arms, three fingers and stood on two legs” said ABC News. There has not been any official evidence to strictly prove that this is real besides the fact that many animals mostly goats, have been claimed dead due to drained out blood along the Latin areas as previously mentioned. If the beast stays a mystery there will be believers for a lifetime.

Legendary or Reality? You be the judge.