Gender Pronouns

Respecting Him, Her & Them

Gender Pronouns on OHS Campus

Reporters: Lizzy Ambriz & Sarai Diaz

WCC: 810

Issue 1


   As the first day of school arrived at Oxnard High School, Chemistry teacher Mr. Ethinoz and English teacher Mr.Malik  handed out a classroom syllabus. Except, this year was quite different because they added a section in their syllabus asking students about what gender pronouns they go by. For example,  she/her, he/him, or they/them. Students were quite shocked but many appreciated it. “This is the kind of unison that I desire to see in high school experience. I love it, it genuinely fills me up with an immense amount of joy,” said OHS Junior Vincent Hernandez. They have never seen anything like this before. The teacher who came up with this idea was Ms.Botello. Right before the first day of school,  a teacher meeting occurred at the Performing Arts Center (P.A.C). Ms.Botello made a presentation explaining why teachers should ask students what gender pronoun they go by in order to help OHS cultivate a positive campus culture where diversity and inclusion one visible.


   One staff member in particular who liked this idea is our OHS librarian Mrs.Brickey. Many might have seen her around campus with her remarkable red lanyard that is filled up with pride pins and supportive ribbons for different causes. The reason why she liked this idea was because she wanted to make an impact on the OHS campus. For everyone to feel comfortable, safe and accepted in school for who they are. For that reason, the library has LGBTQ+  posters, in hope that everyone could protected. She said so herself, “Last year I had so many students come up to me and say, Mrs.Brickey the library is the only place that I feel safe.” The reason why she wears PRIDE pins, is the fact that she wants people to know she’s a “walking safe space.” Mrs.Brickey would like them to know that it’s okay for students to approach her. She then added, that all classrooms should be a safe place for students to learn and should not restrain learning due to feeling some sort of threat. She would like for teachers to know that everybody is still learning about the gender pronouns as well as herself.


     Students who are part of the LGBTQ+  community at OHS were very excited to see the change that teachers are starting to put interest into such as gender pronouns. OHS Sophomore Sophia Rodriguez, agreed about this being a great first step for the LGBTQ+ community. “Personally, I think it’s really good because there’s  many sexualities. It’s really important to acknowledge other sex. It’s not two genders now.”, said Rodriguez. Then, she mentioned a cousin she has who’s a part of the LGBTQ+ community. She accepted him for who he is and even her whole family has grown to accept it as well. Rodriguez never had a problem with it in fact, she knew before anyone else. It was normal to her, but if it were back in the old days like 1950’s it would be extremely shocking. She mentioned a show on Disney Channel called “Andie Mack” that stars a young boy who starts catching feelings for another boy, while dealing with anxiety, his mental health, and a splendid family. Rodriguez felt like she could relate to such a inspiring T.V show.


      Vincent Hernandez, says how an artist like himself and the artist communities should be open minded to all social groups. They should ignore the biases that encompass them. We asked, “How should you comfort someone who is dealing with a difficult time because of their new gender pronoun?” Hernandez responded, “They should accept themselves first, once they accept themselves, they can change and this doesn’t just happen overnight.”  He adds, “I know being around people who support your transition and love you unconditionally no matter whom you are, is definitely the most comforting feeling and person one can receive.”


    OHS Junior Angelina T. Zapien, says that if she were to associate with anyone who might be going through a gender pronoun change, she’d like to establish exactly what they go by. She adds, “I feel like that would help in some way, except some people won’t feel comfortable publicly sharing this information.”, says Zapien. She also agrees on the idea of promoting gender pronouns more often. “I do agree as time goes on, the generations kinda do get more open with how they are so I would feel okay or good.”, says Zapien. Do you agree that teachers should be open to talking and introducing gender pronouns in our OHS campus?