Tis’ the Season to travel

Students at OHS share their plans for the holiday.


Lizette Ambriz

Location: Laughlin, Nevada

Transportation: Vehicle

Insight: Ambriz will be traveling by car for five hours with her parents, two sisters, and other family.

Quote: “The most anticipated thing that I’m excited to do is go fishing with my dad and my grandpa because this is the first time that I’m going fishing. I really can’t wait for the boat ride too because I really like to enjoy the scenery around me.”- Lizette Ambriz (11)


Gracie Marcelo

Location: Tijuana, Mexico

Transportation: Vehicle

How long: December 30th – January 2nd

Insight: Marcelo and her family are going on a four hour drive to Tijuana with a few stops along the way to be with her family on New Years Day.

Quote: “The reason why I love going to Tijuana is because I can visit my family. I see my grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. I enjoy the food, I always look forward to the food when I go to Tijuana.” – Gracie Marcelo (9)


Thomas ‘Grant’ Ennis

Location: New Mexico and Texas

Transportation: Vehicle

Insight: Ennis and his family (mom,dad,sister, and brother and his brothers wife) are driving to New Mexico and after New Mexico their going to Texas.

Quote: “Were gonna go skiing and I really like the snow, I also snowboard too. Then after New Mexico were gonna go to Texas because I always go to Texas for Christmas.”-Thomas ‘Grant’ Ennis (10)


Alondra Macias

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Transportation: Vehicle

Insight: Macias is going to Vancouver with her family but are going to make some pit stops in Oregon to visit some family and Washington to visit a family friend.

Quote: “ We try to mix it up instead of going to Mexico to go for the holidays it’s fun to go somewhere else new experiences. I’m excited for the sightseeing and from Oxnard we’re gonna to Oregon, Washington, and Canada.” –Alondra Macias (11)