New Year, New Me

OHS Students Share Their Resolutions For 2019

Resolution: “This upcoming year, I want to think positive. If something is negative I want to find at least one good thing about it.” – Idalia Garcia (11)


Resolution: “My New Year’s resolution is to become a better version of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually.” – Sebastian Flores (11)


Resolution: “I need to stop being on my phone. It is a really bad and big habit that has only grown and I need to stop.” – Jackie Vasquez (11)


Resolution: “Next year I’m going to workout more. I have been working out and I’ve lost over 12 pounds. I’ve been very happy! There is no limit, I will try harder and keep my dedication.”

– Isaac Guzman (9)


Resolution: “I have been procrastinating a lot lately, so I would say my resolution is to manage my time better.” – Brandon Callanan (9)


Resolution: “I will help out my parents more often and do better in school.” – Derrick Cuevas (9)

Resolution: “I want to work on finishing my homework on time. As soon as I get home, I want to get right into my homework.” – Michelle Cabrera (10)


Resolution: “My goal for this coming year is to stop being lazy. I need to start getting up and run at least twice a week.” – Brianna Morrison (10)


Resolution: “My resolution is to eat less sugar because I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world.” -Valeria Villafuerte (12)