TB Crisis

Students at OHS give their opinions on recent safety issues

Last month it was reported that Oxnard High School had an active tuberculosis carrier on campus. For safety measures, OHS conducted vaccination tests at the school for those who shared a common class with the patient.


Knowing there is a tuberculosis carrier on campus can cause parents to have nerve-wracking thoughts, as their own children are prone to the disease at their school. It can also be worrying for students, who can catch the disease.


Those tested must wait four to ten weeks after being exposed to receive the results, which can cause them to be filled with anxiety. A junior at OHS who requested to remain anonymous said, “I am worried about getting TB due to the fact that although it is treatable it can be a dangerous illness to get.”


The OHS administration has done an acceptable job regarding the safety of the students. They sent letters home to students who were in close proximity to the TB carrier, notified all teachers and staff of the situation, and also held a town hall with Ventura County Public Health doctors and nurses in the PAC to reach out to families, parents, community members, and students.


Another anonymous junior said, “I think they are doing a good job handling the situation considering they don’t have the opportunity or the funds to provide anything else.” By vaccinating an estimated 900 people, OHS clearly has their student’s  health and safety as one of their top priorities.


OHS Admin’s priorities were also to protect the student’s identity by keeping them anonymous. There are consequences for explicitly identifying a student who is the active TB carrier, as they are a minor. If a number of health laws are broken, VC Public Health can pursue those who are identifying the said student. Simultaneously, the affected student could feel targeted and ashamed. That is why it is important to remember to be empathetic towards others, no matter what the situation may be.