Legendary Subs

Mrs. Ball and Mr. utters appreciation

Although we may love our teachers, there is no joy that will make a student more happy than hearing the words, “We have a sub.” Whether your teacher is out sick, at a meeting, busy with jury duty or any other reason, staying on task is crucial, and who better than a substitute like Mrs. Ball or Mr. Butters to keep students on task and still manage to make it a good day?


Little does she know, but Mrs. Ball is admired by many. Her loving family and peers have been a major source of support throughout her work life as a former English teacher and librarian at Chatsworth High School. She later became a substitute, and here at Oxnard High School, Mrs. Ball has connected with the students and is well known as an amazing substitute. Mrs. Brickey the OHS librarian said, “She can do some of the things that I do on a regular basis, so that helps me a ton […]. She’s my go-to.” Mrs. Ball not only has been helpful in our library, but she can put a smile on anyone’s face here at OHS.


Another substitute you may have seen on campus is Mr. Cohen, also known as Mr. Butters. You also may have noticed him in the famous horror movie “The Shining,” before OHS but regardless of where you remember him from, Mr. Butters is another substitute we hope to run into on campus. “Every time I have Mr. Butters, I just know it’s going to be a good day[…]”, said OHS senior, Angie Rosas. He will make it a good day and make all OHS residents have a positive perspective on school.

Mr. Butters and Mrs. Ball are the legendary substitutes that OHS students do not deserve. However, the students of OHS yearn for their presence so that they may have an amazing day.