Best Friends Until the End

Students at OHS who appreciate their best friends

Names: Isidro Solis and Heaven Herrera (Freshmen)

Years of Friendship: 2 years

“We met in our 8th-grade math class. The bell rang and I got up quick and didn’t realize as I got up my phone slipped out of my back pocket. She came up to me during nutrition to hand it back, and that’s how we met.” – Isidro Solis


Names: Lesly Gomez, Sammie Perez, and Natalie Hyndrix (Sophomores)

Years of Friendship: 3 years

Quote: “My favorite thing about Sammie is how she’s willing to do anything or go anywhere with me. My favorite thing about Natalie is how passionate she is over music and art. Together, they are the funniest most talented people I know.” – Lesly Gomez


Names: Bryan Navarro and Angel Reveles (Sophomores)

Years of Friendship: 3 years

Quote: “I don’t really have a favorite memory, every time we hang out outside of school is awesome because we just talk about stuff we’ve been wanting to spill to each other and have fun whether it be buying clothes or skating and what not.” – Bryan Navarro

Names: Gabriel Fernandez Ramsey, Lance Pascasio, and Josh Atwell (Juniors)

Years of Friendship: 3 years

Quote: “In January, we went to Disneyland. It was just nice having a few days to goof off and spend with them.” – Josh Atwell


Names: Emily Cisneros and Rebecca Puga (Juniors)

Years of Friendship: 4 years

Quote: “Emily just gets me, I’ll be thinking about something and then she says it loud and we’re both like AHHH! ” – Rebecca Puga


Names: Andrew Reyes, Andrea Vargas, Savannah Golson, and Citlali Zambrano (Seniors)

Years of friendship: 4 years

Quote: “They’ve been there through everything, and they’re like my sisters.” – Andrew Reyes