Ms. Fortner to the Rescue

Getting to know OHS’ new athletic trainer

Athletics have always been an important part of Oxnard High School, and now with new athletic trainer, Ms. Jessica Fortner – who also happens to be an OHS alumni, on campus, students will be guaranteed trained medical attention if any athletic injuries occur.


As an OHS student, Fortner was involved in basketball and track. After graduating high school Fortner attended San Diego State University for her Bachelor’s degree and went onto San Jose State for her Masters degree.


Fortner was inspired to be an athletic trainer by a past experience she had with an athletic injury. There wasn’t an athletic trainer on site, so she was unable to participate in her respective sports for up to six weeks. This injury and the attention not given to it sidelined her for quite some time.


Through Fortner’s study of kinesiology, she said, “I came to find out after going through my studies that I could’ve potentially played a week and a half later. It made me want to make sure that it never happened to anyone ever again.” With Fortner’s help around campus, athletes receive the help they need as well as learn about how to alleviate the healing process of their current injury.


Her injury was not the only reason she became an athletic trainer. Oxnard High School hasn’t had an athletic trainer since it opened, which has driven Fortner to change that issue. She said, “It was a way to give back to the community.” Fortner stated that this was the best way she knew how to provide athletes with a source of healthcare without having to see a physician.


She manages her time to make sure that athletes are taken care of at every game. “I try to at least spend one half at each game so that everyone can see my face and knows that I am around,” she said.


The addition of Fortner has been a benefit for many student-athletes. Fortner said, “I haven’t had any major issues here so far. The athletes and coaches are really receptive to the new position. I’m really excited to be here.”