Who Runs The World?…Girls!

Most people make a big deal about the boys’ football team or the boys’ basketball team, but what about the girls’ water polo or the girls wrestling team? Some people underestimate the talent that female athletes bring to teams here at Oxnard High School. But it should be known, OHS has some of the most talented girls’ sports team in the Pacific View League and the county and it’s time everyone took notice.


Some girls feel as if they do get less recognition than a boy would in a sport. “I do feel like I get treated differently because the [boys] think we are weak and we’re not conditioned and we’re not strong enough to play with boys, but honestly we can be just as good as they are,” stated freshman basketball player Juliana Rubio.


Girls are not the only ones who turn a blind eye to the fact that girls do not get enough recognition. Wrestling coach Mr. Mostowa said, “I’ve experienced girls getting treated differently all the time […] I experienced it at a wrestling tournament. The refs were being very condescending towards the female wrestlers.” With this being said, a girl sometimes gets looked at differently than a boy.


The girls soccer and water polo teams at OHS extended their season by making it all the way to CIF this year.  This showed that the female athletes are capable of more than what people assume. Varsity water polo player senior Torie Ball said, “People don’t always take you seriously especially when it comes to sports. Unless someone has seen you play or practice they don’t think you work as hard.”


The female athletes of OHS are independent women who can achieve many things they put their mind to, and in many instances that means winning league – like the varsity girls basketball team – and making it to CIF playoffs. Sophomore wrestler Erskine Swan said, “It is really cool, fun, and a good source of exercise to be a girl playing in a sport.” Female athletes should get the recognition they deserve.