Early College Acceptances

OHS seniors’ share their reactions upon hearing from colleges

Title: Early College Acceptances

Sub: OHS seniors’ new chapters lead to new beginnings

Reporters: Gabriel Fernandez and Hugo A. Valdez


Name: Cayleigh Rocha                Name: Lesley Arenas Name: David Pulido                                                                                                                                         

School: Loyola University, Chicago

“I’m excited, but going to wait until I get responses from other colleges until I make my final decision.”

– Cayleigh Rocha (12)

School: San Francisco State University

“I was really excited and really happy. I’m planning on going there because my friends are coming along.”

– Lesley Arenas (12)

School: University of Michigan

“I’m really glad, I’ve been working towards this since my sophomore year. It’s different than California in almost every way.”

– David Pulido (12)


Name: Claudia Oregel            Name: Chris Gutierrez       Name: Alejandro Ortiz

 School: Manhattan College

“I’m excited because it’s on the other side of the country. I want to give myself the option of going out of state.”

– Claudia Oregel (12)

 School: University of Oregon

“I really wanted to go out of state and stay on the west coast, and Oregon just caught my eye.”

– Chris Gutierrez (12)

School: San Diego State  University

“They have one of the strongest engineering programs; I’ll have to wait for other responses but this is definitely an option.”

– Alejandro Ortiz (12)