The Waiting Game

Applicants wait on the final decisions for universities they have applied to

As it gets closer to graduation, the waiting game begins for high school seniors who applied to four-year schools. The process of applying comes as early as October and is a very exciting and stressful time for many applicants. From private and out-of-state, to University of California and California State University schools – every school has a different time of releasing final decisions for incoming freshmen.

For most out-of-state and private universities, decisions can come as early as December. Other schools such as those apart of the UC system which are a bit more rigorous, start on March 1st and continue through March 31st. Having to wait almost four months for a decision is suspenseful, even more so when the deadline to submit a statement of intent to register is May 1st.

Constantly checking emails and portals for the decision of an acceptance or a denial can be stressful for seniors, especially if it’s a dream school or top choice. Oxnard High School senior, Javier Cano said, “It frustrates me because I submitted my applications three months ago and I still haven’t heard back. It’s just annoying not knowing if you got accepted or not.”   

Other applicants who applied to UCs are excited to find out about the decision. OHS senior Luis Bravo who applied to UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley and many more said, “I’m honestly just excited, I want to know where I got into.” Bravo has heard back from California Lutheran University, California State University Northridge and even got a full ride to Westmont College.

There are many factors that contribute to why universities take a while to review an application. According to, they look at more than just test scores and grades.  They must read four personal insight questions, and look at extracurricular activities and community service the applicant has participated in. So, when looking at why the UC system takes months to review freshman applications, remember that there is a careful process that goes through it.