We Want Snacks!

Bringing the vending machines back.


This year Oxnard High School decided to take out the vending machines located around campus, but will they be back? Because the school has removed the vending machines many students have turned to selling chips and snacks of their own. OHS Principal Mr. Urias stated, “You cannot sell any foods on campus that doesn’t meet the National School Lunch Program Standard (NSLPS).”  If the school brings back vending machines, it could bring down the amount of students who sell snacks.


OHS senior Valeria Aguilar said, “We are here at school all day and get hungry in between [classes.” Vending machines are useful when you want a snack in between classes or when you forgot your lunch. You can easily grab a quick bite. OHS senior Destiny Garcia said, “The lunch lines are too long, the machines will be faster and actually have a variety of snacks.” Having the vending machines back will be a faster and more easily accessible way to eat without the hassle.


Mr. Urias moreover said, “Any food sold during the school day has to meet certain nutritional guidelines. That is why the snacks are no longer there.” Removing all snacks that don’t meet the nutritional guidelines is reasonable, but is completely removing vending machines a good thing for our campus? The school can turn to filling the vending machines with sacks that correspond with the national school lunch standard. Students would enjoy snacks approved by the NSLPS guidelines as long as they have quick snacks they can grab.