Everyone Needs a Break

Having a dismissal benefits many students

Senior year is a year of fun, but also a year of stress. As seniors, we have all completed 12 years of school and are working on the last one. From Advanced Placement classes to college applications, we are beaten, drained, and tired. Early dismissal or even starting late is helpful to all seniors who need a break and await to celebrate their senior year in a way.

If a student is on track to graduate, having a dismissal shouldn’t be a problem. Oxnard High School AVID teacher Mr. Erick Garcia added, “It depends on the student” and suggests that there should be certain requirements for the student who may get a dismissal.


Dismissals are not just given out to everyone, but those who do have one usually have a purpose to getting one. OHS senior Jackie Ramos said, “I think a person should get dismissal if they are on the right path to graduate. Meaning that they have enough credits and are meeting the requirements to graduate, then they should be able to get [a] dismissal if that is what they want.”


Most people view dismissals as just time away from school; however, it’s not the only reason why people get a dismissal. There are many situations that can occur in one’s life to cause someone to have a dismissal. Mr. Garcia said, “ Some student take a dismissal or two for personal reasons, like having a job.”  


OHS senior Melissa Mendoza is one of those students who needed a dismissal for personal reasons. She said, “My grades were pretty bad and I had a job, so I really didn’t have time do anything, so when I got the dismissal I actually had time to do the things I needed to do.”


Some may view a dismissal as a waste of time that isn’t being used wisely, but I think it’s an opportunity to get ahead and catch up which is what many of us need once in awhile. Mendoza said, “I think dismissal is helpful because I’m usually really busy throughout the day. Ever since I got a dismissal I got more time to study and actually improve my grades.”


From busy schedules to needing a break, dismissals are available to give us that alleviation from stress. Dismissal could be beneficial for those who have busy schedules or just need a break.