Unknown Electives

Subheader: From Cooking to Business, OHS offers plenty of electives for everyone to enjoy

Students at Oxnard High School are unaware of all the electives that are available for students to take. Some of these classes are: Introduction to Baking, Business Entrepreneurship, and Mariachi. These classes are just a few of the many that are available here at the Hive for its students to join.


If you enjoy baking and cooking, these classes are the right fit for you. With this culinary class, you will learn to prepare for a future set to be a baker, a food expeditor, banquet catering director, restaurant manager, and even an executive chef. “It is a fun class and it teaches me how to do things in the kitchen… I love to bake so it was a perfect class for me,” said freshman Gracie Marcelo. If Culinary is your calling, you must take Introduction to Culinary and Pastry to be in World Cuisine class. A new class that is being offered for the first time at OHS and in the district is CTE Advanced Culinary Arts in K-143 with Ms. Gallagher.


Business Entrepreneurship is a small class elective with many helpful tools that will help you better prepare for the future. Junior Tess Holbert said, “I think people underestimate how interesting it’s going to be unless you are interested in that field of study. If you give it a chance you will realize that it is interpreted into our everyday lives.” With high school being a speedy four years, it’s important to learn the skills of business. In this elective, the class will teach you how to prepare for job opportunities such as an entrepreneur, management, marketing, finance, and accounting. You would need to take Econ of Bus/Personal Finance to be able to take this Business class that is offered in room E-116 with Ms. Hopple-Cuellar.


Imagine playing the violin, guitarron, vihuela, or the trumpet. Playing an instrument would be something that is exciting, especially if you are part of the Mariachi elective at OHS. In this elective class, you not only play an instrument but learn the history and culture of Mexico. Mariachi prepares you to be a musician, music teacher, and a performer. Many who are a part of this class enjoy the atmosphere that this class brings. “I like the music, the rhythm, and playing the violin,” said sophomore Daisy Santa Cruz. You can take this elective with Mr. Antonio