OHS Club Competitions

Robotics and Mock Trial Season

Oxnard High School is home to many unique clubs that can suit the interests of our students. They are a great way of improving team-building skills, while also having a good time with friends. Our most notable extracurricular activities that are open to anyone are Mock Trial and our Robotics program. It’s that time of the year again when these two clubs compete in one of their biggest and most exciting events.


The Mock Trial Team competed in the annual Mock Trial Competition that was held on February 25th and the 26th at the Superior Court of Ventura County. This year’s case regarded Sawyer Smith, who was friends with the defendant, Regan Klein. Smith ended the friendship due to becoming popular on the app, “NowPic.” This led Klein to catfish Smith with the help of Marlow Patterson and Cameron Holmes, Klein’s co-workers. After the catfishing had happened, it went into a downward spiral which resulted in an injury from a swatting incident and someone being incarcerated.


       In rounds one and two our team lost against Channel Islands and Agoura Hills, but in rounds three and four Daniel Quintana and Nadia Rubio had outstanding performances against Santa Susana Locke and Trinity Pacific Silver. For months our team had worked really hard on this case every Saturday of the past 5 months. The team also have some late nights and sometimes stay after school to practice with this years new teacher advisor Mrs. Navarro. Mock Trial season usually starts off in October so if your interested come and sign up.


Even though OHS didn’t make it to the final round, they attended the awards ceremony on March 4th at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center. The awards handed out were 1st place for the witness of Marlow Patterson played by junior Casey Vasquez, 1st place for pre-trial argument is junior Trevor Caffee, 2nd place for the Linguistic Dr. Bleack Williams played by junior Daniel Quintana. Most Valuable Person (MVP) award went to Bryan Rodriguez.


Robotics is one of the newest clubs at OHS, and got established in September 2017. Their competition name has been Metal Jackets since the start. It’s not an easy task to build a robot from scratch. This year “we’re still working on improving, we’ve worked every day since January 5, 2019 with late nights and weekends,” said Mr. Peterson, the OHS Robotics advisor. From designing every inch digitally to fundraising for high-quality materials, and finally building the framework and placing the wiring takes lots of skill. During the season, the team competes at various events in order to qualify and advance to the championships.


Last year the team travelers all the way to Houston, Texas in an all-out battle to test their new robot named ‘Sparky’, and its efficiency against the others. The best of the best challenge each other on how their mechanical robots perform given the circumstances. Mr. Peterson hopes to “make it to the championships because we put a lot of time to get there last year.” Let us all hope that the OHS Metal Jackets make it to the championships with their new robot, ‘Discovery.’