Making it Count

Some senior athletes express their feelings towards their last high school season.

Dominguez Photography
Picture provided by Kailee Morehead.

Yadira Vico, Managing Editor

“I want to go all out this year,” said senior and boys varsity basketball player, Matthew Rodriguez.

To students at Oxnard High School, this year may seem like any other year, but to some senior athletes, this is their last opportunity to really make their high school career count. “I do look at [this year] differently since it’s now or never,” said senior and girls varsity soccer player, Kailee Morehead.

In order to have a successful season, these athletes look for motivation to keep them going. “Being able to represent [OHS] keeps me motivated,” said Morehead.

For senior, football and baseball player, Antonio Gaxiola  and senior Jesus Leon, cross country and track runner, motivation comes from “[their] teammates.”

“I try to be the best role model/mentor for the underclassmen,” said Morehead. She also said that since she has been on varsity for four years, she feels more pressure to finish off her high school soccer career as strong as she can to make her school and coaches proud.

Likewise, Gaxiola said, “we’re seniors now and we, [football players], have to be leaders.” He also mentioned that the season of 2014 will be the football program’s 14th year and their ultimate goal right now is to win as many games as they can.

Whether these student athletes stay motivated throughout their season, by family members or teammates, they all still have one thing in mind, winning the Pacific View League title.

“We want to go out with a bang and do what we can to contribute to the team,” said Gaxiola.