90’s Fashion…As If!

Students share their favorite 90’s fashion trends

Senior Paulina Nava pictured.

Tammera Magana, Copy Editor

Trends have come and gone, but one trend that seemed to hit hard, was the 90’s trends. With their bold fashion statements,  some Oxnard High School students are taking advantage of these lost fashion pieces. While they consider it to be a fashion revival, other students consider the style to be outdated.

“My favorite staple pieces from the 90’s are chokers, ruffle socks, and jean jackets” said Oxnard High School senior Jocelyn Martinez. “You can add them to any outfit and give them an edgy 90’s grunge look” she added. “I love my Doc Martens,” said  Oxnard High School senior Paulina Nava. “I also love the baby doll dresses and I think they look so effortlessly with the Doc Martens.”

As the years go on, trends arise, and become more modern. “My style is different” said Oxnard High School senior Nury Molina. “I like to play with bright colors and different textures like leather,” she said.

Though this trends has become a hit, it is not for everyone. “I think there’s not a lot of fashion ideas around right now” said OHS junior Kiana Hernandez. “People are looking back at the past and trying to bring things back” she said. OHS junior Kathryn Tan had a different opinion. “When I see people wearing around crop tops and high waisted shorts, I think they’re really cute” said Tan. Hernandez said, “I really wish we could think of new things just because its 2014 now, that was over like 20 years ago.”

To this day, fashion icons from the 90’s  amaze us with their fashion sense. “Kate Moss is one of my fashion inspirations” said Martinez. “Being one of the biggest supermodels during the 90’s she still continues to inspire modern day fashion trends.”