Six Flags– the Happiest Place on Earth

Oxnard High School Students choose between Disneyland or Six Flags

Alize Saldana, Copy Editor

“ASB is Associated Student Body, but the student body isn’t being heard,” said Oxnard High School senior Jessica Lara. In May 2014, students at Oxnard High School attempted to start a petition for a Disneyland graduation night rather than Six Flags Magic Mountain. Rumors in the previous years were said to be that the reason OHS was not able to attend the traditional Disneyland grad night, was due to alcohol and drug use last time students were there.

However, ASB Director Ms. Shannon Houston said that “four years ago, Mr. Tom Parizo did not book our Disneyland date and we found that out about October [or] November. We didn’t have an actual date, so we had to scramble and that is when we picked up Magic Mountain.”

Around the same time that Ms. Houston booked the Six Flags Magic Mountain date, Disneyland policies were changed to grad day. Meaning grad night would no longer be grad night, it would be grad day. The Disneyland grad day limited the amount of closed park time at night as well. “You would only get about three to four hours of closed park time … We just decided to keep going with Magic Mountain because the dates were better, and the timing was better. It wasn’t grad day, it was grad night,” said Ms. Houston.

Grad night at Six Flags Magic Mountain includes a free two hour lasting buffet. Ms. Houston stated that the grad night at Six Flags Magic Mountain was less crowded for students and just as much fun. She also said, “I want to do what the kids want to do, but it was too difficult to actually get an ‘ok’ from administration.”