Think Outside the Pumpkin

Oxnard High School students express how they feel about current costumes


Imani Roberts

99 Cent Store is currently selling masks, costumes, and other Halloween access​ories.

Imani Roberts, Reporter

“I love Halloween; it is my favorite time of the year [to] scare people and dress up as someone you’re not,” said Oxnard High School senior Ilan Hesly.

To OHS junior Rosa Cortez, the most commonly worn costumes are “angels, ghosts, devils, pirates, [and] dead people.”

Some students have worn the same theme each Halloween as a custom. Freshman, Megan Alfred has been frightening characters for Halloween. “I was a Dead Alice in Wonderland, a Dead Southern Belle, [and] was a dead maid,” said Alfred. This year, she plans to wear “a Wednesday Adams costume.” Unlike Alfred, Ashley Carmona has “mostly [worn] horror costumes.” She is heading toward “Disney mode” this year as “Princess Ana from Frozen.”

According to a recent poll, the majority of OHS students prefer to purchase their costumes at Halloween City over the Spirit Halloween store. Most students also prefer to wear horror costumes, while a quarter of the OHS population prefers TV & movie characters. Very few people have considered becoming a pirate, an animal, and a select style in the decade eras.

Students compare the theme of their costume to their personalities. For example, Junior, Ana Sanchez said that she was thinking of painting her face like a skeleton from the “Flaws” video from Bastille.” Sanchez said “if it matches my personality it will say that I am very open in telling who I am and how I feel about things — but then again since I am dead it says that I keep quiet and I’m pretty shy at some times.”

Junior Chris Hall said, “You are never too old to go door-to-door [in a costume] and ask people for candy…even if they’re your age.”