Halloween Frights and Delights

Students share their favorite activities and candies


Luis Arevalo

Some of the candies chosen by polled students.

Jason Toledo and Luis Arevalo

“My favorite candy is either Kit Kat or Hershey’s because they’re really tasty and chocolatey,  But I don’t like the dark chocolate because that’s nasty. I just love the regular milk chocolate — that’s the bomb for Halloween. Like, you can get girl’s numbers with that type of chocolate — I’m being dead serious right now,” said Oxnard High School junior Jorge Renteria.

With Halloween approaching, students chose their favorite candies in a poll. 24% voted for Hershey’s as their favorite candy — 21% chose Skittles  and Snickers with 20% of the votes.

Junior Ramon Hernandez said, “my favorite candy would have to be Kit-Kat. I’m talking about the king-sized and not the little fun-sized. I love it because of the rich, chocolatey, crunchy flavor. It’s just so delicious.”

“What I like to do on Halloween, is [to] dress up all in black and wear a terrifying mask, stalk people at night while they’re trick-or-treating and scare them. After that I like to go to Toppers and chill with a slice,” said Hernandez.  His reason behind that is “…because Halloween is nothing without excitement and fun. You’re supposed to scare the living hell out of people.”

Junior Hannah Luyet said, “my favorite activity is to watch scary movies and eat the candy I have accumulated. It is my favorite because I have no remorse for eating pounds of candy.”

In a recent poll of students at OHS, 40% chose trick-or-treating as their favorite activity to do on Halloween and the preferred candy was Hershey’s chocolate.