New Chemistry is in the Air

Oxnard High School Chemistry Club members talk about what is new with the club this year


Juan Quero

Chemistry Club Vice President William Albers collecting club dues for upcoming Chem Club activities.

Brandon Cardilino and Nicholas Robles

”You learn about how chemistry really applies to real life and how chemistry can be used in everyday instances,” said Oxnard High School junior William Albers, Vice President of the Chemistry Club (Chem Club).

The Chem Club advisor, Ms. Christine Gathman said students “should join because they like chemistry, and they want to find out more about it.”

Albers’ sister, senior Kaitlyn Albers, President of the Chem Club said, “A student should join the Chem Club if they’re really interested in science and if they’re looking into careers in science.” Junior Kiana Hernandez added that she joined for her shared interest of Chemistry.

Junior Melanie Espiritu mentioned some of the benefits of being in the Chem Club.  ”You get to spend time with people who have the same interest in chemistry as you do,” she said.

Sophomore Hector Betanzos said that it is an opportunity to get to do things more hands on. “You get to learn more stuff in Chem Club that you can also apply in class.”

Ms. Gathman added that students learn more, get opportunities for community service, and have fun with chemistry.

William Albers explained new activities that they will conduct this year, such as making peanut brittle and silly putty. “In this club, we have labs, demos, tutoring, and fundraisers,” he said. Other members shared the different materials they will be fulfilling — such as discussing current events in science, having guest speakers, and exploring career opportunities in the science field.

Ms. Gathman stated her expectations for the Chem Club leaders. She said, “I expect them to be enthusiastic about Chem Club and lead the club in a positive direction.” Also, Ms. Gathman said that she hopes students will continue to join and that they will be able to keep having fun with chemistry.

Hernandez said,“I am very confident that [the Albers siblings] will bring this club a lot of success.” Kaitlyn Albers said, “I see the future of the club as being very successful…I think if William becomes President next year as he is the Vice President this year, then he will make it really fun and entertaining and I hope a lot of the other students find it a lot more fun this year.”