Like Neon Lights

A Review on Demi Lovato’s Staples Center Performance

Tammera Magana
Singer Demi Lovato opening with her hit song “Really Don’t Care.”

Tammera Magana, Copy Editor

Sport and entertainment capital of the world, the Staples Center, hosted singer and songwriter Demi Lovato for the first time on September 27th, 2014. Arriving at the venue, one could immediately feel the excitement and anticipation that was the event. Fans of all ages awaited the moment.

The long, thrillful night started off with four opening acts. First, to start off the night, was pop/hip-hop duo MKTO. Their pumped up music helped get the crowd prepared for the night.

Following the duo came guest speaker and friend of Demi’s, Spencer West, also known as –the man who lost his legs. Spencer West spoke about the many obstacles he had overcome throughout his life due to the loss of his legs from a genetic disorder at the age of five. His inspirational speech had everybody in awe. He reminded the audience to stay strong when times were tough, and that any obstacles can be overcome.

Following West, came Pop/rock singer Christina Perri who sang multiple of her hit songs.

Rapper and singer Becky G was the last opening act of the night, singing some of her hit songs, including her number one hit “Shower.”

The time had finally come, dedicated fans screamed and jumped with excitement as they saw Demi’s videos on the big screens as she approached the stage. Demi Lovato began the night by singing her song “Really Don’t Care” from her self titled album, “DEMI.” Throughout the night Lovato continued to play her hit songs as well as interact and speak to her fans. She told the audience how important it is for her to interact with fans as how it creates an important connection between them.

As the night continued she kept surprising everyone with her “throwback” songs. One of the biggest surprises of the night was when Former Jonas Brother- Joe Jonas ran to the stage as his verse approached in the song “This Is Me” from the Disney Channel movie “Camp Rock.” The crowd went wild. It was an unexpected, surreal moment for the dedicated, long time fans. The singers had kept the duet a secret for weeks.

Demi Lovato “ended” the night with her song “Give Your Heart A Break” tricking the audience members into thinking it was the last song. After fans chanted “Demi, Demi, Demi” multiple times it resulted in Lovato coming out once again and singing the final song of the night, “Neon Lights.”