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Emily Tapia, Layout

March 19, 2019

La mayoría de la población en Oxnard High School es hispanico. Durante la escuela se ha celebrado eventos relacionados hacia la cultura de mexicanos. Hay el día de los muertos y va haber un baile para que también se pueda favo...

The Start of Something New

Emily Tapia, Layout

November 5, 2018

This school year, there are two new Assistant Principals at Oxnard High School, Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Carbajal. There was an exchange of staff members as Ms.Carbajal came here to replace Ms. Houston, a former AP now at Channel Isla...

The Soul of the School

Emily Tapia, Reporter

November 9, 2017

Oxnard High School's Associated Student Body, known as ASB, has played an important role in constructing the school's’ spirit. It is made up of students who strive to make life at school more supportive. ASB makes posters a...

Should Dreamers be Treated Differently?

Emily Tapia and Ilse Ramirez

November 9, 2017

Having the opportunity to become someone in the world and to work is what Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) members, known as Dreamers, look for as they apply for the DACA program. President Obama created the program during 20...

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