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Park was deeply interested in history Underwear, and Greek

mythology deeply inspired many of the themes in his pieces; in tone or mood if not in form.
“He never had a realistic model in mind; if something came out of the final pattern that matched a real-life object Camping & Hiking, it was always accidental,” Lisa explained. “His intention was always beauty, escalated to a point of near overwhelm. My favorite piece is ‘Blue Splendor.’ It is one of his layered pieces, so some of the elements are deeper behind the top pane. It glows while having a deep serenity, probably due to its many different blue hues. Like many of his pieces, I can look and look and am continuously rewarded. At the smallest scale, the separate elements are individually fascinating. Then, I step back and see the mini arrangements on the sheet, each a unique community rising together. Then, I step back further and take in the whole. Its beauty uplifts me. Its depths emanate tranquility.”

Lisa was living with Park when he started making art, and even after they broke up, they remained friends. When Park became ill with cancer, he decided to set aside funds to create an art foundation to promote his art after his death. He subsequently spoke with his lawyer and Lisa to establish the foundation.

“I was so excited to be able to promote his art with more focus and more freedom,” Lisa exclaimed. “My primary goal has been to have as many people experience his art as possible. It expresses the world that we all want to create Clothing. When I am carrying one of his works through the city to bring it to an exhibit, I get comments from passers-by the whole way. It is stunning and exuberant and speaks to so many people Jackets. I love the joy people share with me when they see it as we walk past each other or share a ride in the subway! My main goal is to have it continue to be seen by as many people as possible. I want to have it in homes or public spaces where it will have a prominent place and continue to bring joy and inspiration for years to come Tops & Tees.”

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Park was deeply interested in history Underwear, and Greek