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Skokie student’s poster art promotes campaign to honor police, fire

f a picture is worth a thousand words, Skokie resident Elline Eliasoff said her campaign to honor the men and women of the Skokie police and fire departments is looking good.

“This is perfect and has everything Girls,” Eliasoff said last week when she announced which student-created poster would be used for the second annual “Honoring Skokie’s Finest and Bravest Tops & Tees.”

Once again, a local high school student’s artwork will promote the month-long program. Throughout May, Eliasoff and other organizers are asking that residents and businesses tie blue and red ribbons to trees to show appreciation for the jobs police and fire staff undertake Jackets.

The official poster for the event is from Niles West High School senior Molly Izzi. She created her work Swimming, not with brush and canvass as one might expect, but with Apple Pencil and iPad; Izzi’s poster is all digital Lights & Lanterns.

As part of a contest, students in Barbara Wismer’s painting and drawing class were told their posters had to include a police officer, a firefighter, a tree and ribbons, the teacher said.

“Pretty much, they could do whatever they wanted otherwise,” she said.

The assignment not only promoted a worthwhile campaign, according to Wismer, but it advanced her students’ development as artists.

“When they have some constraints they have to work within, it forces them to be a little bit more creative,” she said, “I saw some really interesting solutions to the project.”

Skokie student’s poster art promotes campaign to honor police, fire