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Denis O’Leary
Denis O’Leary, Oxnard High School senior and returning Buzz writer is an incredibly original person and an exceptional journalist and website editor. Denis spends most of his time writing for the Buzz, wrestling, working at the Plaza 14 Cinemas while still being a film aficionado. Once completing high school, Denis plans of going to his dream school, The University of Southern California. Past his college career, he plans on working in the film industry to meet his life goal of being a millionaire and acquiring his favorite car the Lamborghini Veneno. In addition to his interest in film, Denis also has a keen taste for many culturally diverse food and restaurants such as toppers, Taco Bell, and Panda Express. As one of our most unique members, a legacy will surely be left.

Denis O'Leary, Web Editor

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Denis O’Leary