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Janette Delgadillo
Sophomore Janette Delgadillo joined The Buzz to become a better writer and to understand how to use proper grammar for the newspaper. She is 15, her birthday is in May 19 and she cannot wait. Her hobbies are to listen to music, watch hockey and spends most of her free time watching YouTube. She does not like to play sports, do ‘Girly things”, and hates mainstream music. Her favorite color is black, even though people say that black isn’t a color she believes that it is. Her favorite foods are fish tacos, crispy shrimp, and also Chinese food. In her opinion, the best place to get fish tacos, and crispy shrimp is in the hometown of San Diego. She goes there every four months, and the first thing that she does is go to get her food. Now her future husband is Machine Gun Kelly not the criminal but the rapper.  She thinks that he is one of the best rappers and thinks his looks are charming.

Janette Delgadillo , Reporter

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Janette Delgadillo