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Juan Quero
Juan Carlos Quero Jr. is a senior at Oxnard High School, who is one of the Editor-in-Chiefs for the school newspaper, The Buzz. Juan is a caring, smart, and active person. He was introduced to paintball at the start of his freshman year. Feeling that a balanced combination of running and shooting paintballs is what makes his world go round, he only properly functions throughout his school days by having a hefty breakfast. Juan has played two sports here at Oxnard but is more focused on one, Track. His favorite movies would have to be the remakes of Planet of the Apes since it can make the most heartless of souls hold some sympathy. He is open to any genre of music, but his favorite song would be Beautiful by Eminem because, his choice of words connects to Juan. When Juan graduates from high school, he plans to be an attorney for children, by studying political science at UC Davis.


Juan Quero, Editor-in-Chief

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Juan Quero