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Students need more options in the classroom. That is why Oxnard High students are taking notice of the lack of opportunities to learn different languages at the Hive - a campus made up of various races and cultures, and student who speak a wide range of languages. Learning multiple languages can benefit students in many ways such as job opportunities, relationships, and to build cultural understanding. OHS is the only school in the district who offers only one language for students - native speaker and non-native speaker Spanish.


Foreign language is an A-G requirement for all high school students and here at OHS the students only have the opportunity to take Spanish classes at different levels.  Schools in our district such as Hueneme, Channel Islands, Pacifica, Rio Mesa and Adolfo Camarillo all have French. Some of these schools even have more than two options. For example, ACHS has German, French, and Spanish. At OHS we have a diverse population of students that would like to see a variety of languages offered on campus. OHS senior Max Johnson said, “I only speak English but I would really like to learn French and Chinese.”


Having different language opportunities is great for students to learn many tongues rather than just knowing one. “I would like the school to have more languages as options. I myself speak German, and it would be cool for others to experience and speak it with me. ” says junior Cäsar Martníez.


Current foreign language teachers also agree that including more languages at OHS will be a great benefit to our students, and even an alternative one outside of dominant world languages, such as American Sign Language. Ms. Maria Lobo said, “Our department has been asking for awhile now to bring back American Sign Language. I think it would be a great option for other students who aren’t interested in taking a world language.” Think of the possibilities.


Students would like more options in learning different languages rather than only having the option of taking a Spanish class. Giving students more options will encourage and motivate them to expand their knowledge on different cultures.


Daisy Tellez &Maria Sanchez, reporter & editor

The student news site of Oxnard High School
Daisy Tellez &Maria Sanchez