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The sky is the artwork here


A music room with a baby grand is on one side of the living area, a dining room on the other. The dining space flows into a kitchen with glossy white lacquered cabinets, a breakfast area and a family room where a few family photos are displayed on otherwise almost empty shelves.

Beyond the music room, on the other side of the living room, is a guest suite, a powder bath with stunning red fixtures and offices for both Majeed and his wife Tops & T-Shirts. Of course, she had input on this house, but she shies away from talking about it Jackets. Her office, with its low ceiling and etched glass door, still has an outside view, as do almost all the rooms in this house. And yet Swimming, this cozy space feels like a place where the creative spirit snuggles down and memory lives. Somehow it calls to mind a child’s much-loved playhouse more than a grown-up office.

An elevator and two grand staircases, one from the east side of the entryway and one from the west, serve the top floor. The garage is below the house, and the third level is devoted to bedrooms and baths for this family of four, as well as a game room. The blue silicon sink with LEDs in his son’s bath is the sort of unique find the Majeeds appreciate.

They have lived in this house about a year, but it has been a part of their conversation and central to their dreams for much longer. They bought the oddly shaped, sloping lot in 2007, and began the hard work of planning the home they imagined. Majeed holds a degree in architecture but isn’t yet registered in the United States. Now with Cornerstone Projects Group, a design build organization, Majeed was then associated with Schaumburg Architects.

He relied on his friend and then-employer, Ken Schaumburg, for project support. “Wail and I worked together on the design and the production drawings,” says Schaumburg.

As they explored floor sketches, the house began to wiggle out of its cocoon of imagination and into the world of possibility Shorts & Trousers. And then one day it came to life. From that moment on Jackets, Majeed says, he called the house by a name: Villa Quantum.

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The sky is the artwork here