Oxnard Gets Festive

Oxnard High School Band and Short Flags participate in this year’s Oxnard Christmas Parade.

With the holiday season fully underway, Oxnard held a Christmas parade on December 2nd, 2017 to entertain families around the city and bring all the people together for one special event. This year, Oxnard High School’s Marching Band and Short Flags participated in the parade to help bring joy and happiness to all families who attended.

The students themselves get a great feeling inside them when performing in such an event. “Playing music and being around my community is great. The surroundings, all the Christmas decorations make me feel warm inside and excited for the season,” said Oxnard High School junior Jacqueline Arevalo.

While there may be good feelings, there is also bad feelings that the performing students may have. But even with these mixed emotions, the students pull themselves together to put on an event for the community during the holidays. “I get a lot of emotions, excitement, nervousness, stress, and happiness. It has its ups and downs, but I’m also pumped and ready to perform,” said Oxnard High School junior Daniel Castillo.

With all the emotions that may come with performing in the parade or any other event, the students still enjoy showing their hard work and dedication through their performance. The struggle and pain that the performing students experience finally pays off at the end and helps them get to where they are now.

Although there may be ups and downs that come with performing, the Oxnard High School students wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. With the help of their friends and family, happiness and moral support is all that is brought to them. “They always give good vibes. They’re entirely supportive and those vibes they give off are extremely radiant,” said Oxnard High School senior Mailyn Rea. When the crowd starts to cheer them on, it’s the best feeling they can ever get when doing what they love.

The togetherness of Oxnard High School Band and Short Flags is the real definition of a second family. “I like that we’re all really dedicated and would do anything for each other. We’re like a family,” said Oxnard High School junior Lucinda Moranda.   

With all the positive feelings and struggles, the performing students are still excited for the next year to come. “I’m looking forward to being able to perform even better than last year,” said OHS junior Daniel Castillo. The Oxnard Christmas Parade gives performers motivation and encouragement and helps get people in a festive mood to celebrate Christmas with their community and loved ones.