Get Out The Vote!

It has always been important for students to vote because ultimately these decisions will affect their lives and future generations. Especially during this political climate, each individual should be empowered to use their voice and ther vote for change.  


“Get Out The Vote” is a new action being taken by the Oxnard Union High School District that helps students register to vote. One of the reasons that sparked this measure to be taken was the low number of young people that have participated in voting in previous elections.


This action allows students to pre-register within the comfortable setting of the school environment as well as having them exercise this right. “It’s important to have young people stay in government and all of that stuff because it is our world that we’re growing up into,” said Oxnard High School senior Cayleigh Rocha in regards to students participating in voting.


Students are eligible for pre-registration at the age of 16. This gives students the opportunity to be prepared to vote when they finally turn 18. “There are so many things that hinge now on people voting that are going to directly affect them, and young people are going to be one of those groups that is going to be most affected by who’s in power in Washington D.C.,” said Assistant Principal Aaron Luoma.


The importance of having each student prepared and understanding that their vote is major for the sake of the country has been emphasized throughout this entire process.