Can’t Spell Jade Without an A

Students at Oxnard High School share their opinions on Jade Chongsathapornpong.

Academics are an everyday part of every student. Jade Chonsathapornpong, a junior at Oxnard High School, takes it to the next level.

Chonsathapornpong currently takes four AP (Advanced Placement) classes and is first class ranked; however he still has time to play piano, participate in Academic Decathlon, and binge watch youtube videos. “Just because my Instagram bio jokingly says people like me ‘have no life’ doesn’t mean we actually don’t do stuff outside of school,” Chonsathapornpong said.

Chonsathapornpong says, “I’m still not dead-set on any particular schools (universities), especially because many of those I’d like to study and work at are extremely difficult to get into.” Careers that interest Chongsathapornpong range from advancing space exploration to freelance work.

“Jade does more than you can imagine, but I won’t fail to mention Jade is smart and I’m sure that’s due to hard work and dedication”, said OHS junior Cayleigh Rocha. “Jade will be successful in any job he chooses,” added OHS junior Bryan Wong.

“I want to someday use any knowledge or skills that I manage to glean up from these high school classes to help other people, or help make the world a better place,” Chongsathapornpong said while adding, “High school is a good place to learn the basics of everything.”

OHS seniors, Justin Terrill and Kelleryn Pallasigui also recognized Chonsathapornpong for his accomplishments and reputation at school. “He has incredible dedication and a hard work ethic” says Terrill. “No one is smarter than Jade,” claimed Pallasigui.

Chonsathapornpong is also pretty popular among his peers. “I always heard about Jade since everyone talked about him, but I was able to meet him through AcaDeca,” said Terrill.

Terrill, Rocha, Pallasigui, and Wong all agreed on the fact Chongsathapornpong will be “successful” in life, and or any career he chooses.  Regardless of the career route he takes, students at OHS have very high hopes for him.