The Start of Something New

Two new Assistant Principals are welcomed at OHS

This school year, there are two new Assistant Principals at Oxnard High School, Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Carbajal. There was an exchange of staff members as Ms.Carbajal came here to replace Ms. Houston, a former AP now at Channel Islands High School, where Ms. Carbajal had previously been an Assistant Principal.

Ms. Carbajal has worked at Channel Islands High School for many years and hoped to transfer to OHS because it is her neighborhood. “I had been at Channel Islands High School for a little over 10 years and I had talked about a transfer [to OHS],” she said. Ms. Carbajal has worked for the Oxnard Union District for quite a while now as she said, “I started my career with this district as a teacher.”

OHS Principal, Mr. Urias believes that she would be a good addition to the administration as he stated, “Ms. Carbajal, coming from Channel Islands High School has experience in some areas that are really important, that we didn’t have a lot of experience in before.” She plans to improve some academics as she mentioned, “I’d like to continue to be part of administration that guides this school for academic excellence and I oversee the several areas of responsibility, one of them being the department for English Language Learners, improve their fluency in English and academics.”

Ms. Rodriguez is brand new to OHS, but already she likes the culture, as she mentioned, “I love the positivity and the school culture, I love that the […] cheerleaders and the ASB students are so positive, they are so excited to be a part of the school and to do the events and the rallies.” Ms. Rodriguez was a chemistry teacher but now takes the role of an administrator. So far, she feels welcomed and looks forward “to all the learning experiences that come with a first-year administrator.”

Both Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Carabajal wish to get to know the students and help them with anything they need. Ms. Carbajal’s message to all the students is, “I welcome (students) to my office, I am looking forward to meeting more students. I am here and available for anything they may need, this year I oversee 10th graders, it doesn’t mean I won’t help other students so my door is open and I am always available for any type of assistance.”