New Year, New Beginning

Oxnard High School welcomes the new teaching and coaching staff

Denis O’Leary
Mr. Conte is excited as the new head coach for boys soccer. Senior Rafael Saldana. is also pictured.

Denis O'Leary, Web Editor

Oxnard High School counselor Mr.  Scott McNutt said, “I am a peer to [everyone], as a perspective I want to see the students liking all the [staff members] they have right now” He also said that he wants to make the school a better place. “They are hired at this point. We’re past cutting down the [staff] and with the great budget we have right now.”

All staff members have one thing in common; they want to see all the students being eligible to walk the line.

History, Advancement Via Individual Determination (A.V.I.D.), and Physical Education teacher Mr. Mark Martinez wants to be the best teacher-coach. “I have a great group of students who have fun and love to learn,” he said. Martinez also added that his athletes are dedicated to the sport they are in now.

In addition to all the new teachers, there are new coaching staffs for the various sports teams at Oxnard High School. United States History and Government teacher Mr. Christopher Conte became the new Head Coach for the boys’ soccer team. “I coached soccer for my son and [I have] been ‘reffing‘ soccer for about ten years,” he said.

Mr. Conte is also interested in starting a freshman soccer program. However, athletic directors from other schools did not share Mr. Conte’s thoughts. Mr. Rick Garcia, the OHS athletic director, is trying to convince the other athletic director as well.

Health teacher Ms. Jacqueline Perez is the new head coach for the girls’ cross country team. The reason Ms. Perez wanted to coach cross country is because she loves to run. “Coaching cross country brings together my passion,” she said. Ms. Perez also said that those interested in joining cross country should go to her office during lunch time at room E-110, where she could write a note to transfer students to the class.

While the new staff members get accustomed to OHS, other staff members are happy to see them working here. Mr. Scott Mcnutt said, “I’m excited with the few new teachers we have. There is a new teacher in Special Education [Ms. Melissa La Rochelle], they have a lot of positive energies.”

In the fifth week of the school year, Oxnard High staff is eager to carry out with the rest of the school year. Mr. McNutt said, “Teaching is one of those special jobs you have.”