Is Bigger Better?

Oxnard High School students give their thoughts on the new iPhone 6


Nicholas Robles

Oxnard High School senior Alexandria Valdez utilizing her new iPhone 6.

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Edith Gallardo and Nicholas Robles

“Apple is slowly making their products more like others on the market,” said Oxnard High School junior Breanna Alvarez, concerning the recent release of the new iPhone 6.

The phone that Apple customers have been waiting for released on September 19, 2014. The iPhone 6 now measures 4.7 inches rather than the iPhone 5s, which was only 4 inches. However, the iPhone 6 Plus measures 5.5 inches compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which measures 5.7 inches. Sophomore Jovonah Villicana said, “It’s like the same thing as the Galaxy, they’re just copying it.”

Apple’s current rival, Samsung, is creating advertisements where they indirectly ridicule the designers of the iPhone. In one advertisement, Samsung creates a scene where two Apple workers point out the flaws on the iPhone 6. “Still no multitasking windows huh?” Says one of the Apple workers in the commercial referring to the features that Samsung’s phone has.

They also taunt Apple for increasing the size of their phones every time there is a new release. Samsung is referring to Steve Jobs’ quote to mock Apple, “No one is going to buy a big phone.”

Although the iPhone 6 Plus is supposed to be bigger and better, photos on social media show the negative aspects of the phone. Pictures show that the phone is too thin and that it can bend under little pressure. Youtube videos are being uploaded showing buyers bending the phones at the Apple store. Alvarez added “I would be scared to buy it because what if it breaks to the point where you can’t fix it, [then] what’s the point of a new phone?”

Other than the iPhone 6, users are also familiarizing themselves with Apple’s newest iOS 8 update. The update includes a new keyboard that offers shortcuts, easy access to favorite contacts and a new camera shooting modes such as the time-lapse and slow-motion.  Alvarez states, “I like that you can send voice messages to people.”

Although there is a variety of phones in the market to choose from, some can agree that we rely on technology — some on Apple products and others on Samsung.  Senior Cody Honea said, “I  see technology is growing in various ways and it’s grown to be a big part of [society].”