Room 307

One night at the Glen Tavern Inn

Juan Quero
A unexpected blue orb was caught detected by our camera. After an attempt to recreate this phenomenon we concluded this to be the result of lens flare.

OhsTheBuzz @ Youtube

Nicholas Robles and Jason Toledo

“The story surrounding 307 is dated back to the prohibition era. The 3rd floor…[initially] housed a speakeasy [undercover bar] and a brothel. The main story is regarding a cowboy that was shot in the chest by the owner for swindling him of all his money. The other story is…a prostitute that had been killed on the 3rd floor — her decapitated body stored in the closet of 307,” said the general manager of the Glen Tavern Inn, Dustin Aremburg. The Buzz reporters gave their first-hand experiences at the hotel:


Jason’s Experience Nick’s Experience: Juan’s Experience: Esteban’s Experience:
The lobby of the hotel had dim lighting that added to the already eerie building. As I made my way upstairs, every step creaked. At the top floor, I stared down the long, windowless hallway decorated with old movie posters. Later in the night, I walked into the hallway, I thought Juan had followed since I felt a presence behind me. After I took a picture of the Halloween decoration, I turned back to see nobody. I walked back to the room confused and asked Juan if he had ever been with me but denied it. As we walked into the lobby of the Glen Tavern Inn, I saw why the hotel would be considered haunted.  Complete with Halloween decor, the design of the lobby gave it a classic and western look. A few hours after we settled in our room, we decided to look around the lobby some more. During the middle of the night, the lobby had a more creepy feeling. The overall mood of the lobby, and the rest of the hotel was more creepy than pleasant. Once we checked in, the creaking flights of stairs lead to a distinctly different environment. At the very end of a lonely hall, was our room, 307. It was not until 1:00 a.m. when Jason and I sat on the infamous hallway sofa — adjacent to our room. Whether it was sleep deprivation or some other entity, I could not help but sense the feeling that I was being watched. From the corner of my eye, I could see a faint figure. However, when I turned to see any sign of life observing us from the end of the hall, there was nothing to be seen. The spiritual presence of the two ghosts never happened. However, as a firm believer in the supernatural, I was overwhelmed with the whole experience. This was the first time that I spent the night at a haunted place. Throughout the night I was overthinking the whole idea of confronting a ghost. My fear kept me awake as I constantly glanced at the room’s entrance. I had a an unexplainable feeling that something was behind the door. Finally, I was able to force myself to sleep keeping the lights on.


Sources: Esteban Leon and Juan Quero