BEnjie Rosario, Special Assignment

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Surprising, keeps you guessing

Author:  Jim Butcher

Call #:  FIC BUT Bk.12    

Reviewed By: Benjie Rosario


Changes is the 12th book in the Harry Dresden files book series and is written exquisitely by Jim Butcher. The book follows Harry Dresden, a Wizard who lives in Chicago, as a full time detective for the super natural phenomenon. During his time in Chicago Harry Dresden met a reporter, Susan Rodriguez, who works for the arcane and has been his lover for years. But during one of his investigations she is attacked by his enemies of the red court,so now she walks the earth as a red court vampire planning revenge against those who turned her. They haven’t been in contact with each other for years ever since the incident but now all of a sudden Susan Rodriguez has called Harry Dresden telling him that the red court Duchess has plotted revenge against Harry by using his only weakness. It is a weakness that Harry doesn’t even know he has and now he has to gather every resource he has earned to combat against all of the red court vampires and to do so he may have to cross a line that he promised to have never crossed in his wizardry career. But Harry has friends by his side like Molly Carpenter, his wizard apprentice, Karrin Murph, his long time cop best friend, Thomas Raith, his half-brother who is also a white court vampire, and others he has become friends with over the years. With Harry Dresden being surrounded by his friends and going on a suicide mission with his lover Susan Rodriguez, nothing horribly bad should ever happened! But then again, this is Harry Dresden. Jim Butcher’s books are always fun complex telling of a fictional story in every book he has created. Jim Butcher constantly uses high vocabulary in his stories along with very descriptive details to make the reader actually feel what Harry Dresden feels. Honestly, this is what I believe makes the book more complex than others and what makes me want to read more.

I give it a four out of five stars.