A book review on Mike Lupica’s novel, “Heat”

Heat by Mike Lupica is now available at the library in Oxnard High School

Antonio Gaxiola

Heat by Mike Lupica is now available at the library in Oxnard High School

Antonio Gaxiola, Special Assignment

Title: Heat

Author: Mike Lupica

Call #: FIC LUP C.1            

Twelve-year-old Michael Arroyo and his seventeen year- old brother Carlos are Cuban immigrants that love the game of baseball.  Living on the South side of the Bronx, Michael  is a fireball throwing little leaguer who listens to every Yankee game on the radio, and idolizes a Cuban-born pitcher nicknamed, “El Grande.” Michael and Carlos are orphans and do not have any paperwork of certification. With the help of a neighbor, Mrs. Cora, and Carlos’ friend, Manny, cover up a lie that their father is in Florida taking care for his sick brother, but that lie is soon uncovered when coaches begin requesting proof that Michael is only 12 and eligible to play. At Michael’s little league games, a mysterious girl named Ellie shows up and watches Michael’s team play. When Michael discovers she’s El Grande’s daughter, he is angry for hiding her identity, and doesn’t talk to Ellie. Michael waits for El Grande outside of Yankee Stadium before a game and passes him a note from Ellie. Due to no birth certificate, Michael can’t play in the little league playoffs, and serves as a base coach supporting the team as best he can. El Grande has called his contacts in Cuba and has a copy of Michael’s birth certificate. Now eligible to play, Michael steps in and helps his team win the championship!

Heat is by far one of my favorite books of all time! The story was absolutely incredible and could be an inspiration and have a connection to many young boys and girls in today’s society. It was very simple and straightforward to read with minimal rigorous vocabulary. I recommend this book to people of  all ages, specifically students in junior high, high school, and those who enjoy sports. Heat teaches many life lessons such as struggling to raise a child while working full time jobs, and how to become a positive difference in your community.

I give it a four out of five star rating

Thank you,

Antonio I. Gaxiola