Not-So-New You

Oxnard High School students talk about their New Year’s resolutions


Victor Galicia

Oxnard High School reflect on their New Year’s resolutions.

Victor Galicia and Mark Ramos

“A New Year’s resolution is something that makes a person better than what they were last year,” said Oxnard High School senior Brandon Dale.

As the end of 2014 approaches, Oxnard High School students reflect on their past New Year’s resolutions, as well as give some insight towards next year’s goals and what it will take to complete them.

With intentions for self-improvement and growth as a person, these annual resolutions are being made by students. “I’ve made several…one of them being do better in school…one of them being try to stay active,” said  junior Stephen Kish.

However, even with the long-term goals in mind, there are those who find it difficult to complete a resolution. “I have made a New Year’s resolution…to start the year off eating healthy…it didn’t work out… because, you know…hamburgers…candy,” said freshman Vanessa Ihrke.

“I know a few people who make resolutions to lose weight or get healthier…most don’t [go through with it]…they usually do it for a couple days and just quit it,” said junior Edward Vargas.

2015 approaching, junior varsity cross country runner Michael Satumba has already begun setting goals for himself. “I want to be in Varsity for track season and, just for my own personal gain, I want to be a little bit bigger…stronger in every category in life…[and] in school, taking AP classes…for my personal health, lifting more weight…and my family, talk to them more. My desire to be somebody is my motivation.”

There are those who believe resolutions are only for a certain kind of people. “I’ve never come around to making a New Year’s resolution because I’ve never felt myself dedicated to actually completing the resolution,” said junior Diego Zuniga. “I think the people that complete their resolutions are very dedicated people that are good at striving to complete their goals.”

Although it may seem difficult to complete a New Year’s resolution, it is important to keep in mind that the goal was made by you based on what you lacked the previous year in order to motivate yourself to not give up. As Satumba said, “To fulfill a New Year’s resolution you need to work hard first…the hardest part is being consistent but you gotta just keep going even though things go hard…you gotta keep going…consistency is key.” The biggest challenge is not setting the resolution, but going through with it because “many people don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.