You Have Got a Pizza my Heart

Oxnard High School students give their opinions on romance and food

Alize Saldana

“I think someone making you food is romantic, because it’s a kind of gesture that shows they care about you. Unless they give you bad food,” said senior Associated Student Body (ASB) President Reyna Brown.

Some students at Oxnard High School said that it is not the food itself that is romantic, but the way in which it is presented. Freshman Kelleryn Pallasigui said, “The most romantic food to eat, is any kind of food. It’s just what they make out of it. I think what makes a specific food romantic is the cliché dinner dates, like in the movie Lady and the Tramp.

Junior Brianna Campbell said, “I personally think what makes food romantic, is whether it was presented in a romantic way. I don’t really eat food and then feel all fuzzy inside.”

Other students feel that some foods may be considered romantic, such as chocolate covered strawberries. Brown said, “strawberries are my favorite, and I’m chocolate, so that’s hot.”

While there are foods that are considered romantic, or are presented in a romantic way, there are also foods that are considered to be unromantic.

“Onions are not romantic because they smell bad. If you think onions are hot and romantic, you probably smell bad and won’t get a Valentine,” said Brown. She also finds hot wings to be unromantic, because she does not like them much.

Pallasigui said, “Well, I think onions are used to make the sauce for spaghetti, and without sauce it will be plain. Spaghetti is pretty romantic.”

Campbell said that anything “messy or gross” would be considered unromantic. “I don’t think you can try to act romantic while having food all over your face.”

It appears that most people have different views as to what romantic food might look like. “[Romance] can be a little overdone and cheesy, but when done at the right time and day, [it] can be exceptionally cute,” said Campbell.