Rooting For The Underdog

Ventura Comic Store plans to expand their business

Vitaliy Kostylov and Devin Lohse

With Oxnard and local cities growing more opportunities for little businesses to step up occur. Businesses like Hypno Comics, a comic book shop, want to take their opportunity and expand. As owner of the business, George Chase said, “My goal and vision for Hypno Comics is to be the largest nexus for Pop Culture in our area.”

Chase plans on branching out into more of a “Metro area.”  “I would not do a Mall store, as I want the freedom to do large events… I would expand to include Video game stations, Internet cafe style, along with what we already do. Game nights, Creator singing, etc.”said Chase about the expansion of Hypno Comics.

Workers support Chase’s idea of expansion. Pat Clancy, a long time worker at Hypno Comics said, “We hope to keep progressing in the community and getting bigger over time with our customers, merchandise, and employees.”

Clancy also added, “We like the feel of small business, being close to our customers and community. We would also like to grow, because if there is no growth there is no way to stay alive.”

Emmelia Rea has been a long term customer at Hypno Comics. Although Hypno Comics not fully advertized, “My ex-boyfriend took me there for a draft a while back. Ever since then I’ve been going [there] about every other weekend and it’s the only place I go to for prerelease.”

As for expansion of the shop Rea added, “I think expansion would be cool. The shop is pretty cramped when my club holds events or when I come to draft or something.”

The reason customers go there because “[Workers are] very knowledgeable and friendly too. You can tell they mean business and business is really important to them.” said Rea.

George Chase and workers dedicated part of his to life to the business and they are making sure that business will grow and expand. However, Hypno Comics have a long way to go.