The Soul of the School

Behind the Action of ASB During an Event.

Oxnard High School’s Associated Student Body, known as ASB, has played an important role in constructing the school’s’ spirit. It is made up of students who strive to make life at school more supportive. ASB makes posters and arranges the events like rallies, homecoming, prom, and more.


ASB president Katelyn Bui a senior at OHS, oversees everything, attends outside meetings, sits at the board for student council with the principal and vice principals and other staff members. “ I talk with a lot of different groups like the Buzz, yearbook, and dance groups to make sure everything is good for our events.”

The events each have their own time in which they take place and the way they are set up. “For events like homecoming we start planning over the summer and pick a theme. We have a lot of things to do like order crowns, balloons, start the murals and runners. For something like that we start two to three months in advance to make sure that we are not scrambling at the last minute,” said Bui.


Brianna Aguilar, an ASB sophomore said,  “Every group is assigned  to what they are doing. So, murals and runners [students], for example, are the ones that do the posters, paint, and they’re creative.”


Out of all the events in the school year, Aguilar said that Homecoming and Prom are the most challenging events to coordinate. “It’s just the setup, we have to organize a lot of stuff like the songs, DJ, centerpieces, the rally, the timeline, the football game, and then we have to order the cars for the court and set fever booth. It is just a lot of things that go into it.”


ASB is a program that raises school spirit. OHS junior Claudia Oregel said, “I think they do a good job at creating events, organizing them, and putting them out for students.” ASB’s effort and preparation gets acknowledged by students and adults for providing the school with fun activities and great leadership.