Past Paranormal Experiences

A student from Oxnard High School recalls his paranormal experiences from about a year ago.

Although most people have seen paranormal shows or movies, they might have never experienced anything paranormal. However, one student in particular at Oxnard High School has had a handful of unexplainable experiences.

Paranormal experiences can range from hearing an eerie voice at night to being attacked by ‘demonic’ spirits. OHS junior Alex Ramirez shared his paranormal experiences in his own house, which he recalls from last year. “It was like November of last year when I did all this stuff.” It started off with him in his room, on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed he shared with his brother. He heard a distinct mumble from the top bunk, he thought it was his brother calling him.

After not responding, Alex said “Okay, whatever then,” and proceeded to leave and go to his dad and ask where his mom was. His dad told him that she went to the store with his brother. After not knowing where the voices originated from, Alex decided not to make a big deal about it.

“To all the other OHS students, don’t draw satanic stars for fun,” said Alex due to all the scratches he obtained out of nowhere. “I kinda drew them for fun,” said Alex. One of the first odd things he first noticed was an apparition in a photo taken by him.The picture was one he took of both his niece and his father in his house.

“In the picture you could see someone behind him, like super blurred out. The body was a different color with elongated arms and weird pointed ears and super bright.” He still can’t come up with an explanation for the apparition.

“It was like a year ago,” he said. I don’t draw them anymore. Though Alex wasn’t in any way a satanic worshiper, he regrets his actions for drawing the stars. “I just drew the stars on my arm for fun,” he said. “I would get scratches on my body when I woke up and I still wonder where they came from