“Feel the Bern” AGAIN

Senator Bernie Sanders adds his name to the 2020 ballot

From the 2016 election to the upcoming election in 2020, Senator Bernie Sanders has added his name to the list of Democratic candidates. The Vermont senator announced his run on February 19, and within a span of 24 hours, he raised $5.9 million in donations from more than 225,000 contributors.

Many of his supporters view his promises as a necessity. He declares to push for universal health coverage through Medicare for all. This means he wants a single-payer health care program that would offer coverage to all Americans from inpatient to outpatient care and preventive and emergency care. He promulgates to slash student debt, making colleges and universities free, and raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

With many millennials and new voters “feeling the bern,” is it safe to say that Senator Bernie Sanders will clinch the nomination for the Democratic Party in 2020? He will have to compete with Senator Kamala Harris (CA), Elizabeth Warren (MA), and now Beto O’Rourke (TX). Only time will tell …