“Where We Are” Tour in Pasadena

A review of One Direction’s Rose Bowl Performances

Aime Cano
Fireworks lighted up the whole stadium during the concert.

Mayra Sanchez

Mayra Sanchez, Photojournalist Editor

The atmosphere at California’s renowned Rose Bowl Stadium was buzzing with both nerves and hysteria as the crowd waited for the British-Irish band, One Direction, to make their way onto the massive stage at what possibly was their biggest and most famous appearance yet.

The band was originally scheduled to perform two nights, Sept. 12th and 13th, at the venue, but due to the overwhelming demand, they added yet another night to their lineup of shows on the 11th.

Leading up to the main act of the night, One Direction had popular friends of theirs warm up the crowd for them, resulting in even more anticipation than there was to begin with.

The night started off with a performance by folk-indie singer-songwriter Jamie Scott, a friend of the band who had written songs for them since their debut album. The following performance by pop-rock artists 5 Seconds of Summer, who have been following them on the road since last year’s “Take Me Home” arena tour, made the crowd rise up from their seats and prepared them for the main act.

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived. The stadium lights dimmed, and clips of songs from their albums began to play. Suddenly the screens onstage were alight with a montage of clips of the group touring the world via green screen.

Despite the overwhelming heat, the fans did not hold back their enthusiasm as lights flickered and the footage continued to play. One Direction immediately launched off with their single “Midnight Memories.” The audience was in awe as the band made their way around the main stage. Fireworks burst into the air as the crowd chanted along.

Sensations of adrenaline filled the air throughout the entire night. Despite having performed for thousands in the past, One Direction managed to keep every one of their shows fresh and exciting. Their interactions with their fans kept the crowd interested and eager for a chance to be noticed by them.

The atmosphere was steadily growing more wild as the night came to an end. One Direction thanked their musicians, and their fans for being there for them. As the band prepared to sing the last song of the night, “Best Song Ever,” the crowd seemed desperate to show the band that they were as they were so often called by the artists, the best fans in the world by screaming as loud as they possibly could.