I’m Feeling Lucky

Students and staff share their luckiest day

Oxnard High School students & staff share their luckiest day. The luckiest day can last all day or even for a couples minutes making your whole day the luckiest. Some people may have found money or may even past a test, whatever it may be, it made their day be the luckiest.


“My luckiest day was in McQuaid’s chemistry class when I needed a 97.6 to not take her final and I had a 96 and I turned in an extra credit paper, and it was exactly the grade I needed.” – Angel Anguiano (12)


“I remember one time I went to the bus and I was gonna go skating with my friends but I didn’t tell my mom because she was working, she doesn’t let me go places right, and I was late to the bus so I just hung out with them right, but it turns out my mom was home so I got [home] safe in the end. I was pretty lucky.” – Lizette Plascencia (10)


“Last year around homecoming I was in the cafeteria and I saw like a pencil pouch on the floor. I picked it up and it had $50. I think it’s just meant to be because I was broke and I needed money for homecoming so thank you to whoever left their pencil pouch on the floor.” – Tania Romero (12)


“On the golf course, I won a lot of money. I birdy one hole and I won a skin so it got me a lot of money.” – Roland Martinez