Beyond the High School Soccer Field

Multiple soccer girls receive scholarships to various colleges

Courtesy of Marissa Dominguez’s dad.

Patty Casimiro , Layout Editor

After high school graduation, seniors Daisy Cervantes, Jannelle Garcia, Kailee Morehead, and Simone Schröder will continue their soccer careers in college. Such accomplishments will be possible through scholarships they received for their advancement in soccer throughout their high school careers.

Being a student-athlete means that an individual has to not only have the talent to play the sport, but the player must also have the grades to earn a scholarship. “Be committed to schoolwork and your sport and always have great work ethic for both academics and the sport,” said Garcia.

In the next fall, Cervantes and Schröder will continue their education at Southern Oregon University in Ashland. “I found it to have all the things I had been looking for in a university. It is located in a cute little town with lots of outdoor attractions. It is also pretty cool that I’ll be going with my friend and teammate, Daisy Cervantes,” said Schröder.

Schröder also said, “I think it’s amazing, and I feel blessed because a lot of people don’t get to continue playing their sport with a friend. It’s awesome knowing that even though I’m so far from Southern California, I still have someone from home coming along with me in this next chapter of my life.”

Daisy is also very excited to continue to play with Schröder while attending the same college. Together, they will venture out of high school to their new home in Oregon. Cervantes said, “It feels great and comforting knowing that one of my best friends and I will be going through the same journey together.”

“I committed to Southern Oregon University because the school itself was great, and it [is] just like home,” said Cervantes. Her brother’s motivation influenced her to push herself to be able to play soccer at a collegiate level. “He always tells me how proud he is for me, which really pushes and motivates me to be better and never let him down,” said Cervantes.

Since a young age they have been involved in soccer, sharing ex“I was introduced to the sport by one of my long-time classmates, Kailee Morehead, in the second grade. She was so into the sport and talked so fondly about it, that I soon became interested,” said Schröder.

The soccer field is where these student-athletes show how much they appreciate the sport. “Every time I step onto the field I feel like I’m home, and it feels right. Like I belong there,” said Cervantes.

“The atmosphere of the school and the location was just what I was looking for,” said Morehead, who will be attending Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “I’m definitely scared because I’ll be away from my family and all of my friends but I think it’s cool to be able to start over and meet new people, so I can learn to be on my own,” said Morehead.

“Being a team player means to be able to do whatever your team needs you to do in order to win…Always have the same positive attitude whether you’re a starter or you only get a few minutes every game, do whatever they need with a smile on your face,” said Morehead.

Being offered a full ride scholarship to a school in Arkansas, Garcia considered that due to the distance, for her parents and she, she would remain in California. She would be homesick, and her parents would have to travel too far to watch her play. Garcia has since committed to California State University Fullerton.

These athletes have created a bond that has only demonstrated what a strong team they are. “Every time we win, I fall in love with my team all over again and really just admire the great group of girls I get to play with,” said Garcia.

“In order to be a team player, you need to be cognizant of the fact that your team is like your other family who you need to back up and protect,” said Schröder.